Free Zephyr

Ferrets don't live in the future. But I'm more than just another ferret.
Life of the two photographer's ferret

Like a little furry sun and his constellation
Stand up (paws) for your rights !

What a lovely free ferret !

I wanna scuba diving too !!
Let me take it !”

May be one of the cutests shots.

A sweet baby that food wake up everytime. Just food. Food. And food.

What else ?

Like a flying ferret who runaways.

A real GQ cover. really.

Fortunately, you put your hand over the mouth to laugh of me

he mocks me, again

I take care of you now, my little ferret. 
Don’t worry, I’m here and I take care of you. 


"I’ll do everything to get there”

Like a little seal, you put a ball on your nose

Cyborg-ferret is COMING !

Just a little nose